Peer support

If you’re a Barrister/Solicitor/Cilex lawyer based near Droitwich, I’d like to be in touch with you. I have spent far too many hours sitting in lecture-style training sessions hearing material it’d be much quicker for me to read. My experience is that I learn the most when I get to talk to other lawyers and that there’s a lot to be learnt from #LegalTwitter I’d love to be able to develop much less formal and substantially cheaper training sessions for lawyers from different backgrounds, where we get to share our skills (clearly, in ways that don’t compromise client confidentiality or anybody’s commerical interests).

That’s a longer term aim; in the meantime, if you’re local, we should consider creating some sort of peer support system – even if it’s just meeting for coffee and cake.

SEN work

Are you a criminal practitioner defending clients under 25 who you suspect or know to have special educational needs?

Are you a family practitioner, dealing with a separating couple where there’s a child with special educational needs?

Do you do “public law children” work and find yourself dealing with applications for care orders where children may have special educational needs?

Or, have you had a non-lawyer friend ask you for help with their child’s special educational needs?

In any of these scenarios, I can help. We can discuss what sort of help is most useful for you and your client; sometimes I might be able to talk you through how to manage the situation yourself. In other cases, I may be able to sign post you to others who are better placed to help. In others again, it may be appropriate for us to work together on a case with you keeping everything other than the SEN part of the case.