Pro-bono work / reduced fees

As a small business, we are not able to offer to do very much pro-bono work at the moment. This will change in time.

Work at reduced fees is something that we are more able to accommodate, but there are limits as to how much work we can accept at reduced rates for the same reasons – we are new and have our own costs to cover.

If you want me to offer more pro-bono and/or reduced rate work, please consider sending me some money via PayPal or buy me a coffee or even a Ko-Fi.

In general, I will consider offering reduced fees where:

  1. The case has wider implications than the immediate ones for you and your family – it is a true “public interest” case, where there are issues of importance that ought to be considered by the Upper Tribunal / High Court/Court of Appeal.
  2. Other lawyers / expert witnesses are already working on the case at reduced rates.
  3. A charity is supporting you and is willing to cover some of your legal costs (this happens very rarely)
  4. There are some other exceptional circumstances.

I also believe in mates’ rates

  1. If you recommend a client to me, who goes on to instruct me and is happy for you to know that they’ve instructed me, you get a discount off your next piece of legal work.
  2. If you know me personally, you get a discount too. You don’t get the work for free though.
  3. If you’re from another small business in Droitwich, you can have a discount too and/or we can discuss swapping services.